About us

Welcome to ZACHO Products A/S

ZACHO Products A/S is a Danish owned and operated business, which has developed effective equipment for road, parkland and airport maintenance since 1976.

Our innovative products are delivered in a standard design, or we can custom design them to fit your specific needs. Zacho Products A/S serves both public and private customers all over the world.

We have more than 40 years of experience within analysing, inspecting, reparing and maintaining asphalt and concrete foundations. We have developed products that will last in extreme temperatures, all the way down to minus 60 degrees celcius.

ZACHO Products A/S has developed cutting machines and a wide range of other special equipment catered for the construction of the tunnel and the bridge crossing Jutland and Fyn (The Storebælt connection). Also, Zacho Products A/S has a unique and patented design of special machinery for road and airport maintenance.

Environmentally friendly solutions

ZACHO Products A/S is a business with an ongoing focus on environmental awereness and safety development. 

At Zacho we are proud to say that our products are highly effective, yet at the same time environmentally friendly in comparison to other competing products.