Airport maintenance

Machinery for maintenance of airport runways

For many years, Zacho Products A/S has been specialising in maintenance and repair work of airports, and we are very proud to be the leading business in Norhern Europe when it comes to crack repairs.

Our vast knowledge of the airport business has developed over many years, and our list of references is constantly growing. In Norway alone, Zacho has a strong presence throughout the majority of their many airports.

Zacho Products A/S delivers complete and indvidual solutions for airports, offering up to 10 years warranty. In the products listed below, you can find our complete airport kit that consists of a trailer with everything needed for crack repair of airport runways. 

ZACHOs motto is: Time is money so stop repairing the same year after year.

For more information, contact Kristian Zacho on +45 3070 0388 or