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UKB 625E

weed control machines

Put the turbo on the weed control

The TURBO blower ensures very high combustion efficiency, as well as a high turbulence and air speed, which provides an efficient heat transfer on the weeds and thus a fast blanching, regardless of which surfaces need to be freed of weeds.

A treatment with the ZACHO high-temperature hot air system shows a convincing result after just a few days.

Our weed blanching machines are commonly called UKBs.

This method of weed control is very special as it operates at up to 800 degrees, hot air that gives you a higher operating speed.

Its powerful fan allows the hot air to get well under the leaves and gives an effective result, while ensuring the much greater safety against fire danger.

We have developed UKBs that are self-propelled and for mounting on tool carriers or other types of machines. We have developed both UKBs that are self-propelled and for mounting on tool carriers or other types of machines.

With a UKB you get a product that is built to last for many years, we have machines that after 18 years still run without changing the fuel box and guns.

At the same time, you completely save on the use of chemicals to get rid of the weeds.

Our UKBs last unbelievably long. We do not know exactly how long, but we have machines that have been running for 18 years and are still running.

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UKB 625E

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UKB 625E Weed Control Machine on EL

On the NEW Zacho UKB 625E we have replaced the internal combustion engine with an electric fan and battery

It's good for you and the environment.

We have both developed UKBs that are self-propelled and we have developed types that are mounted on tool carriers or other types of machines

-High temperature hot air system with TURBO fan

-Manual forward operation

-Up to 2400 m² per hour

-Low gas consumption per m²

-Reduced fire risk (combustion in a separate heat gun)

-Burner system with DG3503 gas approval

The machine is used for blanching weeds on fortified areas, including substrates of asphalt, concrete, gravel and other forms of heat-resistant coating.

• Areas of application:

• Cobblestone pavement

• Gravel

• Sidewalks

• Parking spaces

• Curbstones

• Cemeteries

• Parker

Along curbs, on sidewalks, paths, bike paths, walkways, as well as pouring systems and around signs.

ZACHO High temperature hot air system:

• No chemicals or toxins

• reduced fire risk

Fast and efficient heat transfer Oblique position for efficient curb treatment



UKB 625E is based on a high temperature hot air system. 

The air is sucked in through the blower housing mounted fed via blowing hose to the combustion chamber of the cannon, where the ignited gas is mixed with a large amount of air, which ensures a very high combustion efficiency. Since the combustion chamber is located in the upper part of the cannon, only the heated air is blown out through the cannon and down into the heat shield, where it is forced out in front of the machine due to the air volume and thereby heats the area in front as a result of this preheating ensures a high and efficient working speed , when the weeds are "blanched" in seconds later

-The construction of the cannon poses no danger of burns by touch or fire when the machine is in use

-Effective around signs, lampposts and benches, etc. Due to the hot air fan in front of the machine.

-Safe and simple operation with "Quick on / off function".

automatic gas shut-off at stop. No flammable gas / air mixture outside the equipment due to the air-based system with large excess air.

With quick on / off function, the equipment is particularly suitable for "interval treatment", which saves a lot of gas.


Working width: 600 mm

Performance: up to 2400 m2 / hour

Gas: 1 x 11 kg

Nominal gas consumption: 20-30 kg / Ha

Gas approval: DG3503

Weight: 79 kg

Width: 650 mm

Length: 1200 mm

Height: 900 mm

Fan/Battery: 60Ah Lithium

Model: HEKO

Power: 25V

Ignition system: Electronic

Air capacity: 1050m3/h




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