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FR 742 Fuel-resistant sealant

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Here you will find a wide selection of quality sealants for use on roads / airports / car parks / chicken houses and microtracing.

The products are used and tested daily by our own joint team and

is made based on our own knowledge and experience,

so it's something we can vouch for.

We have sealant that lasts in the Danish summer weather and

to the extreme Greenlandic winter cold.

  Good advice for a durable joint:

● ALWAYS clean the crack with the ZACHO HT250 high pressure cleaner

● ALWAYS make sure the cracks are dry and warm,

   which is easily arranged with a ZACHO JB Jetblaster

● When you have clean and dry joints, fill in the cracks

   the appropriate sealant for the task which you can find below,

   this is done easily and simply with ZACHO OBK 110/230 cookware and

   ZACHO joint wagon fv20 / I



FR 742 Fuel-resistant sealant

Billede Detalje:


Our patented sealant FR742 has created a great demand for our material and sealant.

This innovative sealant is simply the best answer to a lot of problems, including:

-Crack sealing of runways at airports

-Leak parking tires for cars

-Leaking drinking water containers.

-Piers or driving areas in the ports, which succumb to the heavy loads and the weather

The FR742 can withstand down to 30 degrees below zero without cracking.

It is worth mentioning that the FR742 is the only product on the market that meets all the requirements for sealing drinking water containers.

In short, we seal, so it lasts, new as well as old. We can seal new and old concrete, or concrete against asphalt, without it escaping.

click on the link to see more about our FR742 Prospect



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